Implementation Schedule & Certification Chart

RVSM Implemented & Planned

RVSM Global Status

North Atlantic: March 1997
October 1998
January 2002
Pacific: February 2000 FL290-390
WATRS: November 2001 FL310-390
Australia: March 2001 FL290-410
Europe Tactical (UK, Ireland, Germany) April 2001 FL290-410
Europe-wide January 2002 FL290-410
South Atlantic: January 2002 FL290-410
Western Pacific/South China Sea: February 2002 FL290-410
Canada, Northern Domestic April 2002 FL290-410
Canada, Southern Domestic Coordinate with US Domestic
Mid East: 2003
Asia-Europe/South of Himalayas: 2003
Caribbean/South America RVSM Group established
Continental US 2004-2005 FL290-410