About RVSM

Historically, aircraft on a similar flight path at altitudes exceeding 29,000 feet have been required to maintain a vertical separation of at least 2,000 feet. However, as many of us are well aware of, air traffic has increased dramatically over the past decade. As a result, U.S. and international aviation organizations have sought ways to […]

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Implementation Schedule & Certification Chart

RVSM Implemented & Planned RVSM Global Status North Atlantic: March 1997 October 1998 January 2002 FL330-370 FL310-390 FL290-410 Pacific: February 2000 FL290-390 WATRS: November 2001 FL310-390 Australia: March 2001 FL290-410 Europe Tactical (UK, Ireland, Germany) April 2001 FL290-410 Europe-wide January 2002 FL290-410 South Atlantic: January 2002 FL290-410 Western Pacific/South China Sea: February 2002 FL290-410 Canada, […]

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