RNP Navigator

Innovative Solutions & Support designed its RNP/LPV Navigator to allow for RNP operations without having to modify the existing FMS in older aircraft. This saves many operators from performing costly FMS and MMR upgrades. The solution is easily integrated into our Flat Panel Display System or Integrated Navigation Standby Unit increasing operator flexibility while minimizing aircraft downtime.

Operators have two installation tiers to choose from:

Tier 1 – RNP/LPV Navigator with Integrated Navigation Standby Unit

  • Adds 2 Beta-3 WAAS GPS Receivers with antennas
  • Adds Integrated Navigation Standby Unit with integral navigation processor and database
  • Retains Legacy FMS
  • Provides the capability to perfrom RNP and LPV appraoches
  • Provides DO-260B ADS-B Out compliant position data output

Tier 2 – IS&S Flat Panel Display System with Integrated RNP/LPV Navigator

  • Adds 2 Beta-3 WAAS GPS Receivers with antennas
  • Adds Flat Panel Display System
  • Adds Integrated Standby Unit
  • Retains Legacy FMS
  • Adds the core IS&S Navigator Engine in the primary display system
  • Adds in the relays to switch flight controls from legacy FMS to the RNP Navigator
  • Provides the capability to perform RNP and LPV approaches
  • Provides DO-260B ADS-B Out compliant position data output

Operators will continue to fly takeoff, departure, en route and arrival flight segments using their legacy FMS.  The IS&S system will provide the existing FMS accurate position information from the Beta-3 GPS receiver by blending the existing IRU data with accurate WAAS position information.

Once a flight is cleared for an RNP/LPV approach, that approach is entered into the IS&S display system.  Aircraft control can be switched to IS&S for the approach segment with the flight plan presented seamlessly to the pilot on the IS&S FPDS or Integrated Navigation Standby Unit.

This NextGen Solution provides full LPV, RNP, all ARINC 424 leg types including RF, RTA and high accuracy GPS position data.  The included Beta 3 GPS Navigation system provides three dimesnional position and velocity information accurate to 10 feet and data required as part of full ADS-B Out mandate compliance.

  • Ability to store Global Nav Database on 64 GB solid state drive
  • Coupled Lateral Navigation
  • Coupled Vertical Navigation
  • Full ARINC 424 Procedures and Leg types
  • LPV Approaches
  • RNP/ANP Navigation with Curved Paths
  • Storage up to 200 waypoints and 100 flight plans
  • WAAS GPS Interface Beta-3 TSO C145c