17″ Flat Panel Display

IS&S has developed a highly flexible flat panel display for commercial and military aircraft. The 17” LCAC Flat Panel Display Unit is a self-contained analog display unit. It is capable of taking in digital and analog RGB computer video as well as RS343 video. The Display Unit will automatically display video when a valid signal is present. If the signal is missing or invalid, the display will display a warning message.

When the Display Unit (LCAC) detects a valid signal, it either digitizes the analog signal or captures the digital signal and formats the data for display on the flat panel screen. If the input display format is smaller or larger than the native display resolution, the video display processor rescales the data to the native display resolution.

The unit can operate in one of three modes at a given time: (1) No Power Applied; (2) Power Applied, Display OFF [Power Applied or Power OFF]; and (3) Power applied, Display ON [Power ON].