Autothrottle for Turboprop

The IS&S developed Integrated Autothrottle (Patent Pending) allows a pilot to automatically control the power setting of the engine. The autothrottle computes and controls appropriate power levels reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety.

The system computes thrust, holds selected speed/torque, and implements appropriate limit protection. When engaged by the pilot, the autothrottle system adjusts the throttles automatically to achieve and hold the selected airspeed  guarded by a torque/temperature limit mode.  Protection  modes will automatically activate, regardless of autopilot engagement state in an attempt to keep airspeed, torque and temperature from exceeding pre-defined targets.

The autothrottle can be adapted to virtually all PT6 powered aircraft with the IS&S Integrated Standby Unit (ISU).  The ISU executes software to control the revolutionary autothrottle actuator.

The thrust computer with the ISU computes and controls torque during all flight phases including climb.  If the pilot manually adjusts the power level and approaches torque or temperature limits the autothrottle will warn the pilot with a built-in throttle handle shaker system (Patent Pending).

In addition the Integrated Standby Unit calculates, processes and displays altitude, attitude, airspeed, slip/skid, and navigation display information in a logical and concise single instrument display. It features a high resolution LCD display with full LED backlighting improving reliability and full sunlight readability to the pilot.  The graphics are fully anti-aliased with unprecedented accuracy and detail.

The Autothrottle is also offered as part of the previously certified IS&S NextGen Flight Deck for the PC-12.