The IS&S Air Data Module (ADM), is a self-sensing, RVSM compliant, digital air data computer (DADC). The ADM inputs static (Ps) and pitot (Pt) pressures, total temperature (Tt), and installation configuration data (from an installation configuration module and discrete inputs). Air data is output on ARINC 429 and RS422 data formats. The ADM receives baro setting number and Selected Altitude via ARINC 429 input.

The ADM has an altitude range of -1000 to 53,000 feet (16,154 meters), an airspeed range of 40 to 400 knots, and a baro setting range (via ARINC 429) of 22.00 to 31.00 in Hg (745 to 1050 hPa).

The ARNIC-429 messages and the ADM valid discrete will indicate that a fault has occurred. Enabling the TEST input discrete prompts a test that sets the outputs to predetermined test values.

The ADM can provide analog outputs to the autopilot such as altitude hold and altitude preselect error output. The analog output scale factors can be programmed for most autopilot requirements.

The ADM may be installed in either pressurized or non-pressurized locations using the same part number, and meet DO-160D requirements.