P-3 Cockpit/IP

The IS&S Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) is an easily installed cockpit upgrade for the P-3 aircraft.  The Primary Flight / Navigation Displays are designed to replace the existing EADI and EHSI display, altimeter, airspeed, vertical speed indicators.  The Engine Instrument Display System (EIDS) is designed specifically as a low-cost upgrade of the P-3 engine instrument cluster, replacing primary and secondary engine indicators.

This easily retrofitted replacement system is compatible with the existing cockpit configuration. It provides all existing primary flight, navigation, engine related parameters, hydraulic indication, and flap and trim position indicators using AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays).  Its unique design concept permits accelerated modification of graphic display formats, and as importantly, rapid certification.


  • Part 25 TSO Approved
  • Improved dispatch reliability
  • Component count reduced by 80%
  • Significant weight and heat savings to maximize range
  • Functional Evolution
  • Minimal Changes to Existing Aircraft Wiring
  • No active cooling required
  • High resolution display with integral high performance symbol (graphics) generator
  • Built in navigator station capability

Current Integrated Features:

  • Digital Moving Maps
  • E-Charts (En Route) with own ship overlay
  • Electronic Checklist
  • Electronic Terminal Display
  • Link 16
  • Tactical Maps
  • XM Weather