B737 Flight Deck Upgrade

Upgrading a cockpit is an economical way to extend an aircraft’s life, increase its residual value and bring efficiency and safety benefits to every day operations. Innovative Solutions & Support’s Cockpit/IP® Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) is an easily installed upgrade for owners and operators of Boeing’s Classic B737-300, -400, -500 aircraft. The system is designed […]

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B757/B767 Cockpit/IP

Innovative Solutions & Support’s Integrated Primary Flight and Navigation Display System is TSO Approved for Part 25. This state-of-the-art, sunlight readable display offers an exceptional cross-cockpit viewing angle. Each IS&S Flat Panel Display System (3 part numbers) provides a reduction in LRU’s and components. Its uniform graphics symbology permits cross-platform pilot certification. Retrofits are easily […]

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The IS&S Cockpit/IP Flat Panel Display system (FPDS) consists of a pilot and copilot Primary Flight Display/Multifunction Display (PFD/MFD) suite, containing four (4) 6” x 8” Display Units (DU) and two (2) Display Control Panels (DCP) and two (2) 4 MCU Data Concentrator Units (DCU) installed in the electronics bay. By eliminating a number of older […]

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