B737 NextGen Flight Deck Upgrade

Innovative Solutions & Support designed its NextGen Flight Deck to increase operational flexibility and reliability, improve dispatch and on time arrival availability and simplify maintenance for the Classic Series B737.  In addition the system will provide enhanced safety through improved situational awareness, and reduced crew workload.  The upgrade includes a Primary Flight and Navigation Flat Panel […]

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B757/B767 Cockpit/IP

Innovative Solutions & Support’s Integrated Primary Flight and Navigation Display System is TSO Approved for Part 25. This state-of-the-art, sunlight readable display offers an exceptional cross-cockpit viewing angle. Each IS&S Flat Panel Display System (3 part numbers) provides a reduction in LRU’s and components. Its uniform graphics symbology permits cross-platform pilot certification. Retrofits are easily […]

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The IS&S Cockpit/IP Flat Panel Display system (FPDS) consists of a pilot and copilot Primary Flight Display/Multifunction Display (PFD/MFD) suite, containing four (4) 6” x 8” Display Units (DU) and two (2) Display Control Panels (DCP) and two (2) 4 MCU Data Concentrator Units (DCU) installed in the electronics bay. By eliminating a number of older […]

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