Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550 is a technologically advanced, twin-engine jet aircraft with a design that utilizes the same airframe and power plant as the popular EA-500 model but includes significant innovations in most aircraft systems designed to improve overall operations, direct operating costs, technology, comfort and performance.

The Eclipse 550 integrates PFD, MFD, Electronic Jeppesen® Charts, Sat Wx, WAAS/GPS based FMS with fully coupled LPV, engine instruments, Electronic on-Condition Trend Monitoring, Maps, Airspaces, Victor routes, weight and balance, and electronic checklists


  • Low risk proven system
  • Superior Readability
  • Increased In-Service Capability
  • Advanced Integrated Functionality
  • Adaptable to Specific Aircraft Needs
  • Highly Integrated Cockpit
  • Lightweight Low Power Usage
  • Adaptable to Future Requirements
  • Part 25 Safety at Part 23 Cost
  • Easy to use tile MFD fnctions

Integrated Flight Management System features include:

  • Coupled WAAS/LPV Approaches
  • Full RNP compliance to DO-236B with 0.1 nm precision
  • Required Time of Arrival (4D trajectory to each waypoint)
  • Fully coupled Flight Profile Performance Based VNAV
  • Autothrottle Controls
  • Dual Flight Management System with Synthetic DME capability
  • Dual IS&S Beta 3 GPS Receivers

Integrated Electronic Flight Bag features include:

  • Airport Diagrams and Approach
  • Moving Maps with Overlay of the following: Flight Plan, Airspaces, Airways (both High and Low), Runway Depictions, Navigation Aids, Intersections
  • XM satellite weather supports all available weather services
  • Electronic Checklists
  • Display and Control of Enhanced Vision System