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Returning Units to IS&S for Repair, Upgrade, or Recertification

To send a unit to IS&S for repair, upgrade, or recertification:

No RMA number is needed. If you are a new customer for IS&S please scroll down to our New Customer Set Up Process.

  • Package the unit to prevent damage and include the following documentation:
    • Purchase Order
    • Ship to Address
    • Contact name (including phone, fax, and email) of the person who will approve the repair quote*
    • Reason for Return
    • Requested Delivery Date

All parts returned to IS&S for repair and return must be accompanied by a funded Purchase Order, Repair Order or Work Order. The funding must be at least the Bench Check and Recertification fee found below. All parts received without a funded PO will be placed on hold for a maximum of 10 days. The Customer will be contacted immediately upon part receipt for PO, WO or RO funding. After 10 days if the RO, PO or WO is not funded with the fees found below the part will be returned to the customer in “As Is” condition. Only exception to this rule is if the Customer is currently under a funded repair contract then only the PO needs to be updated OR if the part is under a current warranty period.

Send the unit to:

Innovative Solutions & Support
Attention: Customer Service
720 Pennsylvania Drive
Exton, PA 19341

Repairs and Re-certifications are expected to take 20 days to return.
Upgrades and Modifications are expected to take 30 days to return.

*Please note no unit will be shipped to a customer without a repair quote being approved.

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If you require a unit faster than our standard turn times, an expedite fee of 25% will be applied to the total cost of the unit.


Please note on your paperwork that the unit requires expedite and include a requested delivery date.

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New Customer Set Up Process

Any new IS&S customer may follow our set-up process but it is not necessary:

  • Contact and provide the following information:
    • Customer Name
    • Bill to Address
    • Ship to Address
    • Payment Method (Credit Card, Check or Wire Transfer)
    • Point(s) of Contact for Repair Quotes and Invoicing

All new customers are set up as payment in advance. No unit will ship back to a customer before payment is received.

After a period of successful transactions, a customer may request Net 30 terms with IS&S.

To request Net 30 terms:

  • Contact Katherine Ellis at or 610-646-9800 ext. 543 and provide the following information:
    • Customer Name
    • Trade References
    • Your Projected Annual Business Volume with IS&S

IS&S will review the information and approve/disapprove the request.

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Cash In Advance Customer Requirements – Please note –

Effective Immediately – All Cash In Advance customers are now responsible for paying the Teardown fee for each unit returned to IS&S for any work PRIOR to any work being performed. The unit may be returned to IS&S before payment is made BUT upon receipt of a unit the Customer Service Administrator will receive the unit, initiate the RMA and immediately bill the Teardown fee from the table below.

This includes all Expedite and AOG repairs. No Exceptions allowed.

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Re-certifications / Bench Tests:

Innovative Solutions & Support can provide re-certifications / bench tests of our equipment and return units with an FAA 8130-3 tag stating the unit was “inspected”, the following fees will apply:

Repair Pricing List:

Unit Type P/N Avg. Repair Cost Exchange Cost Recert. Fee
ADDU 9D-80130-XX $4,479.66 $6,500.00 $975.00
ADM 9B-81070-XX $4,479.66 $6,000.00 $975.00
ADS 9B-81103-XX $2,850.69 $5,000.00 $975.00
Airspeed 9D-80210-XX $4,886.90 $6,500.00 $975.00
AIU 9B-81040-XX $2,850.69 $5,000.00 $975.00
Alerter 9D-80310-XX $3,257.94 $5,500.00 $975.00
Altimeter 9D-80110-XX $4,072.42 $6,500.00 $975.00
Config. Mod 9B-03508-XX $407.24 Not Available $375.00
Config. Mod 9B-06017-XX $407.24 Not Available $375.00
DADC 9B-81010-XX $5,294.15 $7,500.00 $2,000.00
DADC 9B-81020-XX $5,294.15 $7,500.00 $2,000.00
FQI 9D-80510-2 $3,257.94 $4,000.00 $1,300.00
IADDU 9D-80170-XX $4,479.66 $6,500.00 $975.00
Master 9D-00658-1 $3,257.94 Not Available $975.00
PC-12 ACP 9D-86002-3 $2,850.69 $4,000.00 $975.00
PC-12 DCP 9D-86001-3 $2,850.69 $4,500.00 $975.00
PC-12 DCP 9D-86001-5 $2,850.69 $5,500.00 $975.00
PC-12 DCU 9B-84080-3 $4,072.42 $9,500.00 $2,000.00
PC-12 IFPD 9D-84086-1 $4,886.90 $8,000.00 $2,000.00
PC-12 IFPD 9D-84078-3/5 $4,886.90 $11,500.00 $2,000.00
Repeater 9D-00659-1 $3,257.94 Not Available $975.00
SSBA 9D-00249-XX $6,515.87 Not Available $2,000.00
TITI 9D-80614-1 $2,443.45 Not Available $1,050.00
SHP 9D-80616-1/3 $2,443.45 Not Available $1,050.00/p>
20.1 INCH 9D-84073-1 $4,886.90 Not Available $2,000.00
757/767 DCP 9D-05522-XX $2,850.69 $4,500.00 $975.00
757/767 DCU 9B-84032-XX $4,072.42 $8,500.00 $2,000.00
757/767 IFPD 9D-84031-XX $4,886.90 $8,000.00 $2,000.00

NOTE: Limited Part Numbers available for exchange.

*Does not include shipping cost.

If you have an item not listed above please contact IS&S for pricing and details.

Price includes only re-certification / bench test. If repairs are required there will be an additional cost and will be quoted to the customer.

Units can be recertified as “new” if specifically requested by the customer if the unit has 0 hours in service and total hours on the unit can be verified to be less than 50 hours.

IS&S can recertify a unit as new if specifically requested by the customer and if the unit has greater than 50 hours with no time in service but additional information will be required. Contact IS&S Customer Service for additional details.

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Terms and Conditions:

View Innovative Solutions & Support Terms and Conditions

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IS&S warrants all repairs performed by IS&S for a period up to 180 days.

IS&S will not honor warranty on any unit where a tamper proof seal has been broken unless previously authorized by IS&S.

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Technical Support:

Innovative Solutions & Support offers technical support for all products.

Contact Maurey Freifelder by phone at +1 610-646-9800 ext. 605 (office) or +1 484-354-7202 (mobile) or email at

Services include:

  • On-site support of installations/modifications/retrofits
  • Troubleshooting (via phone or on-site)
  • Supplying technical data

Please note that fees can be associated with some technical support. Please contact IS&S for details.

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