• Introduces NextGen Flight Deck with Integrated Autothrottle
  • Flight Test for Integrated Autothrottle
  • Delivery of Utilities Management System (UMS) for PC-24
  • Delivery of 300th shipset of B757/B767 Flat Panel Display System


  • C-130 NextGen Flight Deck Certification and Customer Delivery
  • Develops RNP Navigator as cost effective RNP/LPV solution
  • Introduces ADAHRS unit
  • Introduces Autothrottle for PT-6 Engine


  • FAA STC for NextGen Flight Management System (FMS)
  • C-130 NextGen Flight Deck First Flight
  • FAA STC for Auto Throttle on Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) for Eclipse 500/550
  • Integrated Standby Unit (ISU) operating on Helicopter
  • NextGen Flight Deck for Classic Series Boeing 737 introduced


  • IS&S celebrates its 25th Anniversary
  • Awarded contract by Delta Airlines to enhance MD-88/MD-90 fleet with IS&S FPDS, ISU & FMS
  • Awarded contract by Pilatus to provide Utilities Management System (UMS) for PC-24
  • Lockheed Martin recognizes IS&S for 100% On Time Delivery and Zero Quality Defects
  • Developed Cockpit/IP® Panorama
  • Eclipse 550 with IS&S Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS®) and Standby Display Unit begins production


  • Developed Integrated Standby Unit
  • FAA issues STC for B737 Cockpit/IP®
  • Awarded contract by iAccess Technologies for C-130 Avionics Retrofit
  • Introduces Cockpit/IP®II NextGen Flight Deck
  • Receives production order from Eclipse Aerospace for 550 Flight Deck
  • Received Boeing Performance Excellence Award


  • FAA issues TSO and STC for Eclipse Flight Management System
  • Receives Boeing contract for KC-46A Tanker Aerial Refueling Operator Control and Display Units
  • Flat Panel Display System for B757 receives EASA STC
  • Receives award from National Nuclear Security Administration for System Integration ad Performance upgrade of B737 Aircraft
  • Awarded contract by Eclipse Aerospace for Eclipse 550 production model to provide Flight Deck


  • Ship sets of AdViz delivered to Cessna
  • Selected by Icelandair to provide Cockpit/IP® for 757 aircraft
  • Selected by National Airlines to provide Cockpit/IP® for 757 aircraft
  • Developed Avio Integrated Flight Management System for Eclipse Aerospace


  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Certified various RVSM solutions for Business and Commercial Jets
  • Won numerous Military Program contracts
  • FAA Certified B757/B767 Flat Panel Display System
  • First delivery of Eclipse 500 with IS&S avionics
  • Introduced Vantage Flat Panel Display System


  • Received SSBA Altimeter Contracts for the F-16, F5, A10, and T2.
  • Developed the C130H Engine Instruments for Lockheed.
  • FAA granted RVSM Certification for the Gulfstream GII and KC-135.
  • Awarded KC-135 RVSM Production Contract for approximately 600 aircraft.
  • Completed C-9 RVSM compliance for the United States Navy.


  • Developed the Digital Fuel Quantity Indicating System (FQIS) for the A-10, DC-10, DC-9, and KC10.


  • IS&S Founded by Geoffrey Hedrick.