About IS&S

Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. (IS&S) is a leading systems integrator that designs and manufactures cost effective NextGen flight navigation systems and precision flight instrumentation equipment for the aerospace industry. The world’s most respected aircraft builders, owners and operators rely on our leading edge avionics technology, superior craftsmanship, and stringent quality standards to significantly enhance reliability, performance and provide superior value.

IS&S is a diversified international supplier to Commercial Transport, Military and Business aviation markets. IS&S products include: Integrated NextGen Avionics Suites, Flight Management Systems, Flat Panel Primary and Flight Navigational Displays, Autothrottles, Engine Instrument Displays, Mission Displays, Integrated Standby Units, advanced Global Positioning Systems (GPS), RNP Navigator and Precision Air Data Instruments.

IS&S is at the forefront of developing sophisticated and technically advanced products which meet the increasing demands of customers and regulators as requirements for air traffic management, fuel savings, and environmentally friendly aircraft increase.

IS&S Product Categories:

  • Integrated Flat Panel Display Systems
  • Turboprop Autothrottle
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Engine and Fuel Displays
  • RVSM Systems and Air Data Products

Integrated Flat Panel Display Systems

Our Cockpit Information Portal (Cockpit/IP®) has been designed for various applications, such as display of Primary Flight, Navigation, Multi-Function, Engine, and E-Chart data. The integrated Flat Panel Display System provides a reduction in LRUs as it replaces existing individual instruments. Its advanced graphics symbology permits cross platform pilot certification. Retrofits are easily and rapidly accomplished with minimal changes to existing wiring. The advantages are numerous – improved reliability, increased accuracy, configuration flexibility and upgradeability. This advanced technology is also economically suitable for tactical display applications.

IS&S established Cockpit/IP® in the retrofit market, where the system interfaced with numerous suppliers of radios, global positioning systems, transponders, and other avionics equipment. This approach made Cockpit/IP® an open architecture system that interfaced with third party avionics providers.  Today, IS&S offers the Cockpit/IP® as an open architecture turnkey solution to aircraft OEMs, where IS&S supplies the entire avionics suite as a systems integrator and the aircraft OEM selects the best avionics equipment for their aircraft.

Turboprop Autothrottle

The Integrated Turboprop Autothrottle (Patent Pending) allows a pilot to automatically control the power setting of the engine. The autothrottle computes and controls appropriate power levels reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety.

The system computes thrust, holds selected speed/torque, and implements appropriate limit protection. When engaged by the pilot, the autothrottle system adjusts the throttles automatically to achieve and hold the selected airspeed  guarded by a torque/temperature limit mode.  Protection  modes will automatically activate, regardless of autopilot engagement state in an attempt to keep airspeed, torque and temperature from exceeding pre-defined targets.

The autothrottle can be adapted to virtually all PT6 powered aircraft.

Flight Management Systems

IS&S Flight Management Systems offer performance navigation and mission planning capabilities, support NextGen requirements, increase operational flexibility and reliability, improve dispatch and on time arrival, reduce fuel costs and simplify maintenance.  IS&S Flight Management Systems are a reliable platform for advanced navigation, performance calculations, communications information and airspace situational awareness for the pilot in an intuitive familiar format.

IS&S Flight Management Systems have been selected in the Air Transport, Military and Business Aviation segments.

Engine and Fuel Displays

Dedicated displays for engine and fuel related data are critical for safe and efficient flights. IS&S is a leading source for this instrumentation. We offer highly accurate and reliable solid-state products for displays as well as engine information, oil, hydraulic pressures, temperature, and other system parameters.

RVSM and Air Data Products

Our Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum products, enables aircraft to comply with the regulatory standards necessary to fly at reduced vertical separations. IS&S has supplemental type certificates (STCs) to retrofit Air Data Systems for RVSM compliance.

IS&S offers a broad range of RVSM capable air data products including Air Data Display Units (ADDU), Air Data Computers (ADC, ADM, CADC, DADC), Air Data Sensors (ADS), Altimeters, Altitude Alerters, Analog Interface Units (AIU), and Mach Air Speed Indicators.